Foundation crack repair and waterproofing

F.M. Interlock has the equipment and know-how to handle any type of foundation problem. Whether you have a small foundation crack that is allowing water seep into your basement or you have major structural issues that is causing your foundation to sink or buckle, we are confident we can solve your problem.

At no charge we will come to your house and diagnose your issue and provide a free estimate to fix the problem. All of our work is guaranteed with a 10-year transferable warranty.

With our expertise in landscaping, there is no need to call another contractor once the foundation project is complete. We will always leave a job site looking great.

Services offered by F.M. Interlock include:

  •         Foundation repairs
  •         Bracing cracked corners
  •         Underpinning (for sinking foundations)
  •         Latest technology in steel piles
  •         Crack repairs/parging
  •         Styrofoam insulation
  •         System platon (foundation waterproofing)
  •         Weeping tile systems
  •         Hydro vac
  •         Window wells
  •         Complete landscape restoration and asphalt repairs

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If you are experiencing water leaks from your foundation or structural foundation issues, get in touch with us today to provide you with a free assessment and estimate. We are fully insured and workers compensated (WSIB).

Foundation Crack Repair Process

  1. Locate crack and excavate crack location to foundation footings
  2. Grind along crack to remove loose edges and debris
  3. Parge along the crack with hydraulic cement
  4. Apply Blueskin primer to enhance the adhesion of Blueskin membrane
  5. Apply Blueskin membrane to completely cover crack and beyond
  6. Add a protective platon membrane. This tough membrane protects the Blueskin
  7. Add new weeping tile pipe
  8. The weeping title is then covered with 16″ of clear stone to for proper drainage.